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Hi there, I'm Christine.

I'm a UX-focused digital designer. I want to to improve lives by building tech experiences that are intuitive, efficient, fun, and equitable.

I've led the charge on many web projects, working alongside developers, writers, and content producers. From initial ideas, through work processes, to fullblown beautiful executions—I'm fluent in all stages of design. View my resume


Small Business Week - Special Editorial Feature on Growing Pains

Role: Strategy, wireframe, prototype, information architecture, UI design, front-end development

Chicago's Fall Culture Guide

Role: Concept to completion; including strategy, wireframe, hi-fi prototype, UI design, front-end development

Guide to Small Business Week

Role: Concept to completion; including wireframe, strategy, hi-fi prototype, UI design, front-end development

Luxury Home of the Week Series

Role: UI design, wireframe, content strategy. In addition, designed a simple process for client material collection

Nomination Forms (Openwater software)

Role: Discovered usability issues and user frustrations through heuristic evaluation; from there strategized and streamlined nomination processes

Newsletter Sign-up Process

Role: Sought to resolve pain-points and elevate product experience through foundational research, personas, user-journey mapping, content strategy, UI/UX design.

SHRM's Career Website

Role: UI/UX design, front-end development, photography, content strategy, information architecture

Proposed Homepage Redesign of

Role: Foundational research, product design, wireframe, prototype

A little about me




In addition to English, I'm also fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese and currently learning Spanish

In 2018, I sold most of my earthly possessions and traveled across continents to see the world. On that trip, I got to meet Elvis in Chiang Mai, wave at the Pope in Palermo; I even planned and executed a successful eight-person dance party on the Trans-Siberian Railway

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